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March 9, 2023, Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Michigan Infrastructure Council 

Q1 Meeting March 09, 2023

Meeting held at

7285 Parsons Dr, Dimondale, MI 48821 (Treasury Operations Center) and electronically using TEAMs

Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to Order
    1. Chairperson, John Weiss called the meeting to order at 1:06 p.m.
  2. Roll Call
    1. Let the record show that six (6) voting members were present and seven (7) non-voting members were present. A quorum was established.
  3. Public Comments
    1. No public comment
  4. Approval of Meeting Agenda – March 09, 2023
    1. Motion by Erin Kuhn to amend the agenda and add an item to new business concerning the MIC conducting an asset management pilot project for the new ISO 55011 standards.
      1. Supported by Kathleen Lomako
      2. Motion carried without dissent.
  5. Approval of Minutes – December 08, 2022
    1. Motion by Kathleen Lomako to approve the minutes as presented for meeting held on December 08, 2022.
      1. Supported by Beverly Watts
      2. Motion carried without dissent.
  6. MIC Administrative Updates
    1. Nathan Hamilton, Manager of Planning, Outreach and Training
      1. Nathan Hamilton detailed his new roles, responsibilities, and action plan to support MIC council members.
    2. Member reappointments
      1. Kathleen Lomako has been reappointed to the MIC for another 3-year term.
      2. John Daly III has been reappointed to the MIC for another 3-year term.
    3. Welcome new members
      1. Jonathan Mallek will represent the department of agriculture and rural development (MDARD) as a non-voting member of the MIC.
      2. Kevin Smith will represent Treasury as a non-voting member of the MIC.
  7. MIC Program Updates
    1. Erin Kuhn, Chair of the Asset Management Training Programs provided an update on the MIC Asset Management Training programs.
    2. Ryan Laruwe, MIC Executive Director, provided an update on the upgrades to the MIC Project Portal occurring in 2023.
    3. Kathleen Lomako, Chair of the 30-year Strategy Committee, provided an update on the strategy development efforts and upcoming Spring outreach statewide.
  8. Old Business
    1. No old business
  9. New Business
    1. Champions Program, ISO55011 Case Study
      1. Erin Kuhn will work with IcInfrastructure to determine next steps.
    2. MIC/WAMC/TAMC Conference and Strategic Planning
      1. Member discussed the potential of the three Council’s hosting a joint conference in the Fall of 2023.Discussion followed, based on discussion the conference will be pushed back to 2024 to focus on the 30-Year Strategy and Portal upgrades in 2023.The Council will instead look to hold a joint meeting of the Councils in the Summer to discuss this effort and future collaborations.
      2. Ryan Laruwe will work with the Councils to schedule the joint meeting for June 2023.
    3. Nominations Committee
      1. Daniel Fredendall discussed the two current (2) vacancies on the WAMC Council.
        1. Member Representing the Michigan Association of Counties (MAC)
        2. Member Representing a Region
      2. Daniel discussed the process for obtaining candidates from the MAC in accordance to the MIC Bylaws and the process the Nominations Committee took to provide a recommendation to the Council.
      3. Daniel reported that the nominations committee is now down to four members after losing representation from Treasury staff and Daniel requested another member on the committee.
      4. The nominations committee nominated Michael Webster from Saginaw to fill the vacant position in which the term expires at the end of this year. Daniel motioned to approve Resolution 2023-1 to appoint Michael Webster.
        1. Supported by Beverly Watts
        2. Motion carried without dissent.
    4. MIC Standing Committee Updates
      1. Erin requested support in the asset management education programs committee. Erin will look to identify champions to join the committee and will report out names of champions at the next meeting.
      2. John appointed Sue McCormick, Palencia Mobley, Daniel Fredendall to the asset management education programs committee.
  10. Council Reports
    1. Water Asset Management Council
      1. Sue McCormick reported that WAMC has received less than double digit responses from the surveys which are legislatively required from 1/3 of the prescribed utilities to submit. The survey is now closed, and updated results will be discussed at the next WAMC meeting scheduled for March 23, 2023.
      2. WAMC and EGLE are working in joint effort to support data collection which will minimize multiple submissions through across organizations by requiring one template.
      3. Sue suggested adding Champions to the mailing list which comprise of the 1/3 dataset submitted.
    2. Transportation Asset Management Council
      1. Todd White reported that a vendor had been selected for the TAMC Coordinator position and they are working on the contract.
      2. Joanna Johnson reported that TAMC is currently working on the annual report. Also, Joanna reports TAMC updated policies for asset management plans to ensure everyone they are on a three-year cycle.
  11. Round-table Discussion
    1. Upcoming speaking engagements
      1. A new PowerPoint was created for MIC members to utilize for speaking engagements and can be accessed on the member portal.
  12. Next Meeting Date
    1. Thursday, June 08, 2023, at 1:00 pm.
  13. Adjournment
    1. Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm.

Roll Call:


  • John Weiss, Chairperson
  • Kathleen Lomako, Vice-Chairperson
  • Marco Bruzzano
  • Daniel Fredendall
  • Erin Kuhn
  • Beverly Watts
  • Eric Swanson, DTMB
  • Jonathan Mallek, MDARD
  • Aaron Keatley, EGLE
  • Erik Eklund, MDNR
  • Todd White, MDOT
  • Charyl Kirkland, MPSC
  • Sue McCormick, WAMC


  • John Daly, III
  • Palencia Mobley
  • Kevin Smith, Treasury (Attended Virtually)
  • Joanna Johnson, TAMC (Attended Virtually)