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Arthur J. Green

Council Member (Term Expires November 2025)

Representing Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)

Design Division (MDOT) & Grand Region (MDOT)


Arthur J. Green Jr., P.E., is currently temporarily working as the Engineer of Design and is also the Manager of the Grand Rapids Transportation Service Center for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT). He has served the department for 25 years in several capacities. Art has also worked in MDOT’s Grand Region and Muskegon Transportation Service Center Offices as a road design engineer, Project Manager and Office Manager. Prior to joining MDOT, he was employed for five years as a field engineer for a consulting firm in the Grand Rapids area.

Art is a leader at MDOT, and currently serves on several partnership committees within the transportation industry as well as the Transportation Asset Management Council.

Art is a graduate of Michigan Technological University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.