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Eric Mullen

Council Member (Term Expires July 2026)

Eric Mullen is Administrator of the Asset Management and Policy Division (AMPD) of the Michigan Department of Transportation. In his 20+ year career with the department, Eric has been involved in a wide variety of policies, projects, and programs at MDOT.

Eric and his AMPD staff work with the department’s leadership and the State Transportation Commission to help address transportation policy and funding issues, at both federal and state levels, for all modes including roads, bridges, ports, airports, buses, trains, and bikes. Members of his team also support the efforts of MDOT’s internal asset management, the Transportation Asset Management Council, created to encourage the use of asset management by road agencies across the state, and manage the development of the Transportation Asset Management Plan.

Currently, Eric’s division is also involved in the creation and implementation of Michigan’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) deployment plan, and the coordination of Federal Discretionary Grants being submitted by MDOT.

Eric lives in DeWitt, Michigan. He has a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Michigan State University.