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TAMC November 2 2022 Meeting Minutes



November 2, 2022, at 1:00 p.m.



  1. Welcome – Call-To-Order
    1. The meeting was called to order at 1:11 p.m. Everyone was welcomed to the meeting.
  2. Changes or Additions to the Agenda (Action Item as needed)
    1. Any items under the Consent Agenda may be moved to the regular agenda upon request of any Council member, member of the public, or staff member.
    2. None
  3. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Item
    1. None
  4. Announcements – J. Johnson
    1. State Transportation Commission November 10, 2022 Meeting Update – Reinstatements and Installation
      1. Robert Slattery, Michigan Municipal League (MML) (Term Expired 10/31/2022) – R. Green received a reinstatement letter from MML for R. Slattery and it has been forwarded to the STC.
      2. Jennifer Tubbs, Michigan Township Association (MTA)(Term Expires 12/31/2022) – J. Tubbs will work with her respective agency and get a letter of reinstatement to R. Green for his submission to the STC.
      3. Art Green will be replacing Brad Wieferich for MDOT.An email has been received and forwarded to the STC.
      4. Kelly Jones stated her term has expired.TAMC support staff will get a letter of reinstatement from the Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) and forward to the STC.
  5. MIC Update – Ryan Laruwe, MIC Interim Executive Director
    1. MIC Strategy – Transportation Asset Snapshot
      1. The Transportation Asset Snapshot has been shared with TAMC who has provided feedback.As the MIC looks at drafting the Strategy report, they will use the snapshots and comments provided.They have also held meetings with members and stakeholders who provided information on items such as workforce and affordability issues.
    2. Asset Management Champions
      1. The MIC held three Champions programs and have received good feedback. The next Champions program will begin January 10, 2023.They plan to promote the program soon. The program gives the big picture of asset management. The program can have up to 120 participants.
    3. 2023 MIC Work Plan
      1. The MIC plans to coordinate between the MIC, WAMC, and TAMC on conferences and trainings in hopes that this will also minimize redundancies. The plan will go out in the next week and hopefully approved at their December meeting.
    4. MIC Staffing
      1. The MIC is looking to fill two full time positions. This week they have 11 interviews for a manager position.
    5. Meeting in Person vs. Virtually
      1. The MIC hopes to get back with meeting in person. They are getting their 30-Year Strategy Reports in December. They will reconvene and integrate 5 or 6 of the region groups to start drafting the next regional plans in the spring. They anticipate doing this in April 2023.
  6. Consent Agenda (Action Items) – J. Johnson
    1. Approval of the October 5, 2022, Meeting Minutes (Attachment 1)
      1. With TAMC now reporting under the MIC and their website is now under Michigan Department of Treasury, the Treasury website staff have a different set of standards and formats that TAMC must now adhere to.Therefore, the meeting minutes will look different to fit the new requirements.
      2. Motion:R.Slattery made a motion to approve the October 5, 2022, meeting minutes; J. Tubbs seconded the motion. The motion was approved by all members present.
    2. TAMC Budget Update – R. Green (Attachment 2)
      1. R. Green provided an updated budget for FY 2021, FY 2022, and FY 2023.The FY 2022 funds did not get carried over into FY 2023.There were several funds that were remaining in the FY 2022 account. R. Green believes the remaining FY 2022 funds will roll back into the MTF. All contracts have been sent out for FY 2023 except, MTU’s Education and Training proposals for FY 2023.
    3. PASER Data Collection Policy Review (Attachment 3) – R. Green
      1. Discussion on the Removal of the word “Pilot” from the Revised Policy Due to COVID and Staying with the Two-man vs. Three-man Survey Team
      2. The TAMC ACE Committee reviewed this policy this morning. The PASER revised policy was for agencies working during the COVID pandemic. The ACE Committee recommends keeping as a two-man team however, if the agency wants to include a third person that is also acceptable. The PASER data quality has been proven to still be good.
      3. ACE Committee has made modifications to the policy and will forward the updated policy to TAMC in December to vote on. The ACE Committee recommends taking the word “Pilot” out of the policy. There will only be minor changes to the MTU trainings. R. Slattery stated with a three-man survey team in the vehicle it builds relationships, team building, etc. Some agencies are not as they do not have the resources. He does not want to lose the benefits of having a three-man team. R. Slattery is an advocate of having MDOT in the vehicle for PASER data collection. J. Tubbs felt another Council member, who was absent at today’s meeting, also wanted to see MDOT staff continue to be in the vehicle for data collection. It was felt MDOT should figure out how they are going to collect PASER data from their part of the trunkline. J. Johnson stated she is very supportive of the two-man team. This will be discussed further at the next Council meeting. T. Collin stated the Council has time if action is done next month on this subject by the council to make any changes to the trainings. He reminded the Council to also review the certification requirements. The MDOT contract states the vendor/contractor must follow TAMC policy.
    4. Culvert Data Collection Policy Review (Attachment 4) – R. Green
      1. Technology change Where Local Agencies Provide Export Files to TAMC vs MPO/RPO
        1. CSS receives culvert data differently than the way they receive Roadsoft data. The Bridge Committee made a recommendation to the ACE Committee and both Committees agree to allow CSS to receive the data and provide feedback of that data via email to the submitting agency. According to the current policy, the data would need to be submitted by the Region who would also receive feedback via email.CSS would like to change the policy to read as the submitting agency is able to submit and receive the feedback on the data. Local agencies are also encouraged to use Roadsoft for data collection and inventories and provide export files to CSS that are then added to the TAMC IRT. Local agencies would provide confirmation of data submission from CSS to the RPO/MPO for reimbursement.This information would be included in the MTU trainings. This will be brought to the TAMC December meeting for review and approval.
  7. Old Business
    1. TAMC Coordinator Update – R. Green
      1. J. Johnson thanked the TAMC support staff for their extra work during the absence of a TAMC Coordinator. R. Green met with J. Johnson and B. McEntee and reviewed the initial scope of work that originally was submitted for the TAMC Coordinator position. They paired down the scope of work as they are now looking for a single individual for the position. R. Green has submitted the contract package into MDOT Contract Services for their review and posting. Usually, postings are done on Monday and posted for two-three weeks.
    2. Committee Assignments – J. Johnson
      1. The following are the Committee assignments for the Council:
        1. ACE:R. Buck, R. Green, R. Surber, James Hurt, and Jacob Hurt
        2. DATA:B. McEntee, J. Tubbs, R. Slattery, R. Surber, and R. Buck
        3. BRIDGE:K. Jones, TBD (possibly Art Green who is replacing Brad Wieferich)
  8. New Business
    1. TAMC Meetings Schedules Discussion – J. Johnson
      1. J. Johnson would like all committees to review their meeting schedules and present at the December Council meeting their 2023 meeting schedule plans. The ACE Committee was thinking about changing to another day prior to the TAMC meetings to allow action items to be responded to by the Council in a timelier manner. The Data and Bridge Committees are considering doing bi-monthly or meeting on an as-needed basis. Aeronautics is a good location for everyone to attend the TAMC meetings. It was suggested that ACE may want to do hybrid like the TAMC meetings.
    2. TAMC Training 2022 (MTU/CTT) (Attachment 5)
    3. TAMC Activities 2022 (MTU/CTT) (Attachment 6)
      1. PASER 2023 trainings are scheduled and will be held February through August 2023.The Council members were reminded to attend a PASER training in your area of the state and give a brief presentation on behalf of the Council.
  9. Committee Review and Discussion Items
    1. Bridge Committee Update – K. Jones
      1. The majority of the last Bridge Committee meeting was going over the Culvert Policy.
      2. MTU has updated their Asset Management Guide and it was sent out to the Bridge Committee yesterday for their review and comment by the December meeting.
    2. ACE Committee Update – R. Green
      1. R. Green was voted as vice chair for the ACE Committee.
      2. The ACE Committee decided to no longer do formal minutes. TAMC support staff created an excel spreadsheet that has work plan action items and suggested using that to keep up meeting to meeting on what was on the agenda and any action items. This will be discussed with the ACE Chair, Ryan Buck, if this is something he would like to see done with ACE Committee.
      3. ACE Committee reviewed and modified both the Culvert and Pilot PASER Data Collection Policies and provided feedback.
      4. D. Jennett will be conducting a Regional Coordinators Call sometimes in November to check on PASER data collection progress.
      5. MTU will report out on the Conference Evaluation results next month.
    3. Data Committee Update – B. McEntee
      1. 2022 PASER data collections are coming along fine and as of today 49,000 lane miles have been uploaded into the IRT.The last date for PASER data collection is December 2, 2022.The last date to submit the data into the IRT is December 9, 2022.
      2. 2021 PASER data is lagging just a little.The only submissions missing are just a few of the smaller agencies which does not affect the overall results in the annual report.
      3. CSS is reviewing and updating the traffic safety dashboards.
      4. The Safety dashboards are now ready and will be implemented today.
      5. The Traffic Signal Inventory is targeted for late December completion.
      6. Data Committee members discussed their 2023 schedule of meetings, location and times.There will be no changes at this time.Formal meeting minutes will no longer be done.
      7. B. McEntee put together a pdf on how to put data into a clear message that is easy and quick to get to and present to the public and legislation in a language they understand.He will work with Eric Costa on this.
      8. In MLive there was an article on a statewide report on PASER ratings.TAMC PASER ratings were used in the article.If anyone is interested in reading the article D. Jennett can send the link.
      9. B. McEntee would like to check on the smaller agencies.There are a number of Act 51 agencies with less than 100 certified miles.Many of them have less than 10 miles.Many of them do not use Roadsoft.There is a very low percent of small agencies that submit a voluntary TAMP.
  10. Public Comment
    1. None
  11. Member Comments
    1. R. Green received a letter from MTA for the reinstatement of J. Tubbs during today’s TAMC meeting.
    2. TAMC received a copy write request for the Federal Highway Administration consultant to use TAMC data and graphs. The Council feels it is good people are using the data TAM is providing and do not see any issues with approving the request.
    3. TAMC Council member, Rob Surber, was honored, thanked, and presented with a TAMC Dedication Award for his commitment and dedication to TAMC. R. Surber has been a TAMC member since 2003.
  12. Adjournment
    1. The meeting was adjourned at 2:39 p.m. The next TAMC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 1:00 p.m., at the MDOT Aeronautics Building, 2700 Port Lansing Road, Lansing, Michigan.


Roll Call:

Members Present

  • Rob Green, MDOT, Lansing, MI
  • James Hurt, MML, Lansing, MI
  • Joanna Johnson, CRA, Lansing, MI – Chair
  • Kelly Jones, MAC, Lansing, MI
  • Bill McEntee, CRA, Lansing, MI – Vice-Chair
  • Robert Slattery, MML, Lansing, MI
  • Rob Surber, DTMB/CSS, Lansing, MI
  • Jennifer Tubbs, MTA, Lansing, MI

Support Staff Present

  • Tim Colling, MTU/LTAP
  • Eric Costa, MDOT
  • Cheryl Granger, DTMB/CSS
  • Dave Jennett, MDOT
  • Timothy Lauxman, MDOT
  • Gloria Strong, MDOT
  • Mike Toth, MDOT

Public Present

  • Art Green, MDOT
  • Nick Koszykows, MDOT
  • Ryan Laruwe, MIC/Treasury
  • Dave Towne, MI Attorney General’s Office
  • Kim Yuna

Members Absent

  • Ryan Buck, MTPA
  • Jacob Hurt, MAR
  • Brad Wieferich, MDOT