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Purpose of the Commission

The Commission exists to advocate for the well-being of the Hispanic/Latino population with the vision of achieving an environment of social justice and economic parity for the Hispanic/Latino population. The Hispanic/Latino Commission is composed by a 15-member Commission under the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. The commissioners are appointed by the Governor of Michigan, for three-year terms, subject to the advice and consent of the State Senate. For the commission to communicate with Hispanic-led organizations, community leaders, and the general public, it is required to have no fewer than six meetings a year that may be scheduled in various parts of the state.

The law directs the Commission to:

  1. Advise the governor, the Legislature, and the office regarding the coordination and administration of state programs serving Hispanic/Latino communities.
  2. Make recommendations to the governor and the Legislature regarding changes in state programs, statutes, and policies.
  3. Advise the governor and the Legislature of the nature, magnitude, and priorities of the problems of Hispanic/Latino populations.
  4. Review and approve grants to be made from federal, state, or private funds and which are administered by the Office.
  5. Secure appropriate recognition of Hispanic/Latino accomplishments and contributions to the state.
  6. Review and approve the annual report prepared by the Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan.

Mission: To enhance the abilities of Michigan Hispanics by improving their quality of life and by: 

  • Promoting the appointment of more Hispanics in positions of influence in the public and private sector.
  • Increasing the economic growth and stability of Hispanics.
  • Increasing awareness and support of Hispanic issues by local and state government officials.
  • Promoting better education and academic achievement of Hispanics.
  • Creating a participatory, empowered Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan


In July 1974, Gov. William G. Milliken appointed the first 11 members to the Michigan Advisory Council for the Spanish-Speaking through Executive Order #1974-6. On July 15, 1975, the Michigan legislature approved, and Gov. Milliken signed Public Act 164, which created the Commission on Spanish-Speaking Affairs, the office on Spanish-Speaking Affairs and the interagency on Spanish-Speaking Affairs. On August 23, 2010, the governor and the legislature approved Public Act 146 (which updated public Act 164: 1.), changing the name to the Hispanic/Latino Commission of Michigan.

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HLCOM strives to market the state's career development services to Michigan Hispanics, encourage initiatives to reduce the high school dropout rates of Hispanic youth, and facilitate efforts to increase the enrollment of Hispanics in postsecondary education and training programs.

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