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Edwin Hernandez-Ventura

My name is Edwin Rigoberto Hernández-Ventura and I am the Refugee Congress Delegate from the state of Michigan. I came to the United States from Honduras by myself at the age of 14 due to domestic violence and personal reasons. Due to this, I became a youth refugee after staying in various detention centers and was an Unaccompanied Minor.

I try to help in my community by communicating what refugees do and how to help them. I do this by sharing my personal experiences with the immigration system and what were the reasons I decided to leave my home country. I advocate through outreach and sharing examples about immigrant rights and how the immigration system in the country needs more than just reform but also internal changes to make it fairer on both ends, for the people and to the people.

I am currently a student at Lansing Community College, where I am studying to pursue a career in social work. My plan is to transfer to Michigan State University to obtain a master's degree in social work. I have been working with the Latinx Community in the Cesar Chavez Learning Center, where many Hispanic members attending Lansing Community College come for help with their courses and general questions about classes or translating information to their language. I am a member of the Leadership Academy, where I strives to learn to be a great leader and achieve goals for myself and the community as a whole.