Pension Pay Dates

Scheduled pension payment dates are listed in the tables below.


October 25

November 25

December 18



January 24

February 25

March 25

April 24

May 22

June 25

July 24

August 25

September 25

October 23

November 25

December 18

Making Direct Deposit Changes 

To change your direct deposit, complete and submit the Direct Deposit Application (R0277X). Ordinarily, if we receive your request by the first day of the month, your next payment should be deposited to your new account. Do not close your old account until your pension payment has been successfully deposited in your new account.

Missing Payment

Notify ORS after three days if your regular direct deposit payment is not deposited to your account.


You can change your federal or Michigan tax withholding rate by completing and submitting the Income Tax Withholding Authorization (R0012X)

ORS will send you a copy of your 1099-R every January.This statement shows how much was paid to you during the year in pension benefits, as well as how much was withheld in taxes.