• What We Do

    We administer retirement programs for Michigan's state employees, public school employees, judges, state police, and National Guard members. This includes over 553,000 customers (approximately 267,000 active and 288,000 retired members). Nearly one out of every fourteen Michigan adults living in one out of every nine Michigan households benefits from our services.

  • MILogin Help Instructions

    As you may be aware, the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) recently adopted the state of Michigan's single sign-on standard, MILogin, for miAccount. The new standard requires a multifactor authentication before you can login to miAccount to increase security.

    Some members have experienced issues in the transition to the new login portal. We created this guide to help you access your miAccount. Because we are experiencing high call volumes and long wait times, we ask that you try following these directions before reaching out to the ORS Customer Service contact center.

    MILogin Help Instructions    miAccount FAQs


    • 1099-R Tax Time 2021 1099-R Statements

      1099-R statements for 2021 are now available in miAccount. Log in and click on Pension Payments to access your statement. A printed statement will be mailed by early February.

Women and Retirement

    • Women and Retirement

      The Women and Retirement campaign highlights retirement risks and concerns specific to women and educates them on steps they can take now that will lead toward a more secure retirement.

Impact in MI

    • brochure cover Impact in MI PDF icon

      We serve one out of every nine Michigan households and nearly 800 employers across the state. The retirement plans we provide to our members send positive ripples across Michigan. Learn how here.

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