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ORS Judges Retirement System - Defined Benefit

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Michigan Office of Retirement Services

ORS Judges Retirement System - Defined Benefit


Welcome to the Michigan Office of Retirement Services website for members of the Judges Retirement System who are in the Defined Benefit Plan. 

We encourage you to come back often for important information.

What's New

Changes to Insurance Eligibility for Children

Public Act (PA) 158 will take effect on Feb. 13, 2024. The new law allows for a child to remain on retiree insurance until the month in which that child turns 26, regardless of enrollment in post-secondary education or dependency status for tax purposes. For more information, please see Dependent Coverage.

If you wish to enroll a child who is now eligible as a result of this change, you may do so as soon as March 1, 2024 by completing and submitting an Insurance Enrollment/Change Request (R0452B) and all required proofs on or before February 29, 2024. When ORS receives your enrollment request and required proofs, coverage will be effective the first of the following month, if your request is received prior to September 1, 2024. If ORS receives your enrollment request and required proofs on or after September 1, 2024, coverage will start the first of the sixth month after receipt. ,

Published on Feb. 2, 2024

Public Act 4 of 2023 — Retirement State Tax Changes

Public Act (PA) 4 of 2023, also known as the Lowering MI Costs Plan, takes effect Feb. 13, 2024. 

PA 4 of 2023 phases in an income tax reduction over the course of four years for retirees who receive a pension, beginning with the 2023 tax year (filed in 2024). Michigan’s 2023 tax return, forms, and instructions (e-file and paper format) incorporate all retirement and pension benefit subtraction options – including those created in the new law. Retirees who filed their taxes prior to the law’s effective date need not file an amended return. The Michigan Department of Treasury will work impacted returns as they are received and prepare them for release after the law’s effective date. For more details, see the Michigan Department of Treasury website.

For joint returns, the birth year of the older spouse can be used.

Judges FAQs for Public Act 4 of 2023 - Retirement State Tax Changes

PA4 Table JRS

The Michigan Office of Retirement Services will continue to evaluate what the law means for our members as the phase-in continues. Please consult a tax professional regarding any questions you may have. To learn more about PA 4 of 2023, see the Michigan Legislature's page.

Published on March 7, 2023
Updated on Feb. 13, 2024

miAccount begins using MiLogin on Nov. 20

Beginning on Nov. 20, the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) adopted the State of Michigan single sign-on standard, MiLogin, for miAccount. MiLogin is the same gateway used for other State of Michigan applications like renewing your license plate tags with the secretary of state or filing an unemployment claim.

This new standard requires authentication before you can log in to miAccount. It also provides stronger security for your personal information, including multi-factor authentication (MFA). You will be able to set your preferences in MiLogin to complete the MFA process with a text or call to the phone number on your account.

While the migration process is generally pretty straightforward there are some things you need to know before starting. Please also find the additional tools below.

To use MiLogin you will need:

  • A user ID that is unique within MiLogin.
    If your miAccount user name is already in use by someone else who uses MiLogin, you will need to create a new user ID for MiLogin.
  • An email address that is unique to you.
    If you and your spouse share an email address, create a new unique email address with your email provider.
  • A phone number that you can respond to during MiLogin registration.
    You will receive a text message or call to a phone number during your MiLogin registration. When asked for your phone number during the MiLogin registration, supply a phone number where you can be reached within the next five minutes.
  • If you are a retiree, the net amount of your last pension payment.
    In miAccount, you will be asked to verify information about your account. If you are a retiree, you will be asked to supply the net amount of your last pension payment. The payment amount must be entered without a dollar sign or comma. If your last net pension payment amount was $1,234.56 you will enter 1234.56. You can find your net pension payment amount on your most recent bank statement. If your pension is deposited into more than one account, you will need to add up the amounts and then enter the total net amount.

MiLogin Help Instructions    miAccount FAQs

Revised on May 2, 2023

Other Items of Interest

Retirement Act, Public Act 234 of 1992

The operation of the Judges Retirement System is controlled by the Judges Retirement Act, Public Act 234 of 1992, as amended.


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