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ORS Financial Information

ORS Financial Information

The Michigan Department of Treasury's Bureau of Investments manages investments for the Michigan Office of Retirement Services' four retirement plans. The plans' investments are managed according to a two-year asset allocation model, and include seven different asset classes, designed to withstand short-term fluctuations in the market. The system's assets are continually reviewed to ensure that the portfolio has an appropriate mix of investments to maximize returns and minimize risk.

All of the state treasurer's investments are invested for the exclusive benefit of the members of the retirement systems. The treasurer reports investment activity to an Investment Advisory Committee, created by Act 380 of 1965. The committee reviews the investments, goals, and objectives of the retirement funds, and may make recommendations for improvements. The investment goals are:

  • Achieve the optimal rate of return possible within prudent levels of risk.
  • Maintain sufficient liquidity to pay benefits.
  • Diversify assets to preserve capital and avoid large losses.
  • Meet or exceed the actuarial assumption over the long term.
  • Perform in the top half of the public plan universe over the long term.
  • Exceed individual asset class benchmarks over the long term.
  • Operate in a cost-effective manner.

View the latest investment information and policy statements for each retirement system.

Review annual comprehensive financial reports for each of the four retirement systems.