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ORS Vision

What is ORS' vision?

Our Purpose

We are an innovative retirement organization driven to empower our customers for a successful today and a secure tomorrow.

What We Do

On behalf of 800 Michigan public employers, the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) provides employee retirement and related retiree healthcare plans to attract, retain, and reward a highly qualified workforce.

Employers give Michigan's public servants the means to cost-effectively save for their retirement from date of hire throughout their careers. ORS informs and engages employees as they climb toward successful retirement through financial independence. When life happens, ORS is at their call, ready to deliver.

Service to our members is, in turn, service to our communities. With a means for a secure retirement, retirees can live independently, rather than relying on family, friends, and governmental assistance programs.

Our Plan

The work we do is guided by a strategic plan with five goals.

  • Advocate for the value of retirement benefits.
  • Develop retirement planning solutions to support the long-term economic security of the State of Michigan.
  • Improve member experience.
  • Deliver effective and efficient IT business services.
  • ORS is a great place to do great work with great people.

ORS Values

Conscientious, Collaborative, Competitive, Creative