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When to Contact ORS

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Michigan Office of Retirement Services

When to Contact ORS

When to Contact ORS

miAccount is the fastest way to access and make changes to your account. When you log in, you have secure access to update your contact information.

Below are the most common situations that would require contact with ORS after your pension payments begin. Please use it as a general guide only. Because we can't list every possible event that should be reported, it's best to contact us if you're not sure. You can use the secure Message Board in miAccount to contact a knowledgeable ORS representative.

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Address Change

Be sure we know your current mailing address and email address at all times so you receive your statements and other important notices. Address changes can be made online through miAccount or by using Name and Address Change Form (R0357D).


Death of the retiree or surviving spouse. Upon your death, your personal representative (family member or executor) should contact ORS as quickly as possible. We will need your social security number and a photocopy of the death certificate.

Direct Deposit Change 

Changes to your direct deposit can be made in miAccount or by using Direct Deposit Application. Ordinarily, if we receive your request by the first day of the month, your next payment should be deposited to your new account. Do not close your old account until your pension payment has been successfully deposited in your new account.

Income Tax Withholding

You can change your federal or Michigan tax withholding rate at any time in miAccount or by sending ORS an updated Income Tax Withholding Authorization (R0012D).