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Applying for Benefits

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Michigan Office of Retirement Services

Applying for Benefits

How to Apply

Application form

Download the Retirement Application - For Michigan National Guard State Military Retirement (R0941D) form.

Retirement effective date

Your retirement effective date is the first day of the month following the month in which you have satisfied all eligibility requirements and have a complete retirement application on file with the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS).

What to expect after you apply

Here is what happens from the time you send ORS your completed retirement application to when you begin receiving regular monthly pension payments. Remember, these time frames are approximate and represent the minimum time required to complete each process.

Application review

When we receive your application, we review it to make sure all required information and documentation were submitted. If anything is missing or incomplete, all materials will be returned to you with an explanation of what is needed, and your application may be delayed.

Award letter

Once we have your final wage and service information, we will verify your pension eligibility statement from the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs verifying your years of service. ORS will put you on the retirement payroll. You'll get an award letter that tells you how much your pension payment is and when you can expect it. When you receive your award letter, you'll be given information about payment schedules, taxes, and so forth, as well as a guide to your reporting responsibilities. Keep this information in a safe place so you have an easy-to-find record of your pension benefits.

First pension payment

Your first pension payment should arrive one to three months after you meet all eligibility requirements, submit your application, and all required forms are on file with ORS. If your first payment is delayed while we gather final salary service hours information, you will be paid retroactive to your retirement effective date.

Ongoing pension payments

Pensions are paid on the 25th of each month for the month they are due. If the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, watch for your payment on the preceding business day. December payments are issued about one week early.

Your pension statements

Your statements are available at any time in miAccount. You will also be mailed a statement periodically, four times during the year.

Each January, ORS will send you a federal Form 1099-R. Your Form 1099-R can also be obtained online using miAccount. This pension income statement reports the payments made to you during the previous year and any taxes withheld. You will need it when you file your income tax return.

Long-term care insurance

One you retire you may be eligible for individual long-term care insurance. Visit the Employee Benefits Division of the Michigan Civil Service Commission under Retiree Eligibility for details.