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About Us

SBC members are transportation agencies and research affiliates that operate inside the core area and make a financial commitment to the SBC. The members vote on Coalition priorities, actions, and strategic direction. The role of the five agencies as infrastructure owners and operators is to guide research, deployment, and policy development in order to support their respective missions.

The role of the transportation affiliate academic institutions and research centers is to jointly work with the agencies to identify and develop potential research topics in connected vehicle technologies, automated vehicle technologies, vehicle electrification, and other emerging technologies. SBC partners are participants that operate outside of the core area but have vested interests in either exchanging information with the SBC or participating in specific projects that the SBC heads.

The SBC meets four times a year to conduct administrative, project, and planning functions. Additional meetings and webinars are established as-needed for initiative-specific purpose, or for additional administrative functions.


    Michigan Department of Transportation
    Elise Feldpauch, Chairperson

    DriveOhio - Ohio Department of Transportation
    Andrew Bremer, Member

    Ohio Turnpike
    Brian Kelley, Member

    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    Mark Kopko, Member

    Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
    Bob Taylor, Member

    Chart of members and partners

    Research Partners

    For research partner contact information, reach out to the SBC chair, or complete the contact form through the website.

    • American Center for Mobility
    • Kettering University
    • University of Michigan
    • The Ohio State University
    • Transportation Research Center, Inc.
    • Carnegie Mellon University
    • Pennsylvania State University