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Transportation System Performance

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Department of Transportation

Transportation System Performance

Congestion & Reliability Performance Report

This performance measure report is for internal use to help MDOT regions, Transportation Service Centers (TSCs), and planners expand their knowledge on how Michigan freeways are operating over time and how they compare to each other. This information helps identify congested areas, when congestion occurs and how often, corridor rankings, cause of delay, and more. The report is only a starting point, with the potential for a more in depth analysis. If your area has plans to share this information externally, contact the Congestion and Mobility Unit to ensure the correct measures are being used. Each performance measure provides a view of how freeways may be operating. Looking at it from many perspectives can give a more complete picture and better understanding of what is going on. 

Reports by Chapter

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Bay Region
Chapter 3 - Grand Region
Chapter 4 - Metro Region Part 1
Chapter 4 - Metro Region Part 2
Chapter 5 - North Region
Chapter 6 - Southwest Region
Chapter 7 - Superior Region
Chapter 8 - University Region Part 1
Chapter 8 - University Region Part 2

Other Performance Reports

FY16 Federally Funded Trunkline Non-Competitively Bid Contracts

Michigan Data for Traffic Safety & Transportation Performance Measures:
By Ownership
By Functional Class

Driven to Excellence

MDOT has played a dedicated role in its efforts to help the state and support Michigan's economic growth. By investing wisely in all forms of transportation and by partnering with other agencies and the private sector, MDOT is able to make the most of limited funding. These efforts have resulted in positive impacts for the economy, safety, and for the state’s future.
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Transportation Scorecard

MDOT's scorecard reports on the status of performance metrics that track items such as economic growth, safety, system condition, accountability, customer service and financial health.
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