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Truck Platooning

In October of 2020, the Smart Belt Coalition conducted a demonstration of truck platooning and automated driving system (ADS) technology to test the administrative and procedural requirements necessary for a truck platooning system to operate continuously through a multi-jurisdictional environment. Through a request for information (RFI) process, the SBC partnered with Locomation, who is developing a trucking technology platform to combine AI-driven autonomy with driver augmentation, for this initiative.

The demonstration traversed over 300 miles across all five agency jurisdictions and transported food between the Greater Pittsburgh Area Food Bank in Pennsylvania, the Toledo NW Ohio Food bank in Ohio, and the Forgotten Harvest Food Rescue Organization in Michigan.


Truck Platooning Lessons Learned Report
Truck Platooning Video

Data Sharing Initiative

One of the primary lessons learned from the truck platooning demonstration previously conducted by the SBC was the need for a greater understanding of data needs and availability between the SBC and ADS developers. 

During the demonstration, the data requests from the ADS developer were broad and did not contain specific parameters. Some data requested were not available from the agencies, as they typically do not maintain: real-time or near real-time inventories or conditions of assets; features, such as pavement marking quality; or the location of retaining walls, large trees, or where shadows are present.

Through this initiative, the SBC reached out and facilitated interviews with different ADS technology developers as well as other organizations and initiatives focusing on sharing data to better understand data sharing needs and opportunities, and, in-general, how the SBC can support the industry.

Graphic depicting Data Sharing Mission and Mission Support Points