TSSC19 Grant Topics - Change of Address

The Michigan Department of Treasury has received questions about how school districts and nonprofit nonpublic schools can update address information for eligible teachers and support staff participating in the Teacher and Support Staff COVID-19 (TSSC19) Grant Programs. 

School districts and nonprofit nonpublic schools can update the addresses of eligible teachers and support staff through a special TSSC19 Address Update Template provided by the state Treasury Department.  

To update addresses of teacher and support staff: 

  1. Download the TSSC19 Address Update Template 
  2. Complete the information in the Excel spreadsheet. There is a limit of 30 rows. If you have more than 30 address changes, please complete multiple spreadsheets. 
  3. Email the completed TSSC19 Address Update Template to Treas-TSSC19-Technical-Support@Michigan.gov. 
    1. In the subject of the email, please indicate “TSSC19 – Address Update” 
    2. In the body of the email, include the school name, district code for public schools and the building or entity code for nonpublic schools. 

 The state Treasury Department asks that only one email submission be provided by each school district and nonprofit nonpublic school. Address changes will be accepted until Feb. 1, 2021. 

Need more information? Questions? 

More information and resources on the TSSC19 Grant Programs are available at www.michigan.gov/TSSC19Grants. 

Questions regarding the TSSC19 Grants can be directed to the Michigan Department of Treasury by e-mail at TSSC19Grants@michigan.gov or by phone at (517) 241-6000.