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Treasury Press Releases

Press Releases

November 2017

Nov 30 Treasury: First Step to Scholarships and Other Assistance is Completing Free Application for Federal Student Aid

November is Michigan’s Scholarship Month

Nov 29 Michigan Education Trust Reopens Enrollment During Holiday Gift-Buying Season

State’s 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan Also Keeps Contract Purchase Prices Unchanged

Nov 28 Treasury Warns Taxpayers of Fraudulent Phone Calls

Never Provide Personal Information Over the Phonen

Nov 22 State Treasury Department Outlines State of Michigan Scholarships

Nov 20 Treasury: New Website Explains Local Government Finances

Nov 17 Treasury: Online Holiday Shopping Use Tax Can Be Paid At Tax Time

Nov 16 State of Michigan Forgives City of Flint's Drinking Water Revolving Fund Loans

Nov 15 Treasury Outreach Team Holding Sales and Use Tax Seminars for Vehicle Dealers

Nov 14 MI Student Aid Offers Six Tips When Applying for Scholarships

Nov 09 Treasury: MI Student Aid Provides Scholarship Search Experiences

Nov 08 Treasury Provides Special Benefits to Military Members and Veterans

Nov 07 State Treasury Department Launching E-Lien Recording Process Option

Nov 06 Treasury Launches Financial Data Analytic Tool Reimbursement Program for Local Units of Government

Nov 01 Treasury: Royal Oak Charter Township Released From Consent Agreement