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State of Michigan Investment Board Members

The State of Michigan Investment Board is the investment fiduciary with respect to the investment and management of the assets of the retirement funds that comprise the State of Michigan Retirement System (the "SMRS"), being tasked with prudently managing the investment portfolio of the SMRS in accordance with the standards set forth in Act 314 of 1965. Pursuant to the Order, the SMIB's members are comprised of the State Treasurer as chairperson, the State Budget Director, and three individuals appointed by the Governor who have extensive public pension investment or other such similar experience.

Ex-officio Members:

Chairman of the State of Michigan Investment Board
State Treasurer
Rachael Eubanks

State Budget Director
Chris Harkins 


Members of the general public appointed by the Governor:

Reginald G. Sanders, CFA, CAIA
Appointment expires 11-26-2022

Dina L. Richard, CPA
Appointment expires 11-26-2024