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All Ages Eligible to Open MiABLE Accounts

Individuals with disabilities of all ages and their families they may be eligible to open a special investment savings account with state tax benefits.

The Michigan Achieving a Better Life Experience—commonly called MiABLE—is a 529(A)-savings account program administered by Treasury for those who wish to save for individuals with disabilities. Accounts may be opened by individuals who were disabled before they were 26 years old.

“If you were disabled before your 26th birthday and already receive Social Security benefits, then you are automatically eligible to receive a MiABLE account,” said acting Deputy State Treasurer Anne Wohlfert, who oversees the MiABLE program. “There is a common misconception that these accounts are for younger people. You can be older than 26 years old to open an account, but you must have been disabled before your 26th birthday.”

Individuals who do not receive Social Security benefits, but still meet the age of onset disability requirement, could still be eligible to open a MiABLE account if they meet Social Security’s definition and criteria regarding significant functional limitations and receive a letter of certification from a licensed physician.

Unlike traditional savings accounts, MiABLE savings are not considered when applying for other federal or state benefits, like Social Security Disability Income, Medicaid and Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. MiABLE accounts also allow for savings up to $100,000 without losing other financial disability benefits.

Funds from a MiABLE account are not taxed if used for qualified disability expenses, which include: education, housing, transportation, employment training and support, assistive technology and personal support services, legal fee expenses for oversight and monitoring and end of life expenses.

For more details or to register an account, visit or call 844-656-7225.