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Sarah Rusnell

Outreach Manager

Sarah Rusnell has been with the Michigan Department of Treasury since 2013 and is the manager of Treasury Outreach. Sarah has a Bachelor of Communication Arts and Sciences degree from Michigan State University. In her time with Treasury, Sarah has worked extensively in many Michigan tax types affording her the perspective and background to specialize in unifying functional areas through communication projects, spearheading taxpayer education programs, and designing and developing Michigan Treasury Online (MTO).

Outside of work, Sarah is an avid equestrian and hobby horologist (specifically, grandfather clocks). Near her home between Lansing and Grand Rapids, you can find Sarah snuggled up with her cats (immersed in any one of the four books she is currently mood reading), grabbing a coffee at a local café, or nerding out with family and friends about space operas (don't ask her to choose a favorite, but it is Star Trek).