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Energy Transition Impact Project (ETIP)

Michigan's Effort Toward a Just Transition


As Michigan continues the long-term transition toward a cleaner energy future, existing energy generation facilities may face reduced use and closures. The impact of this transition on communities in Michigan can create significant issues such as reduced tax base, lost employment, significant reduction in services, site remediation, environmental justice challenges, and the need for economic development to overcome these challenges.

To address these concerns, Governor Whitmer and Michigan Department of Treasury created the Energy Transition Impact Project (ETIP). With community input, Treasury will provide analysis, assistance, expertise, and planning to assist in developing an energy transition strategy for areas affected by environmental action.

ETIP Playbook

Treasury will partner with impacted communities to help them implement a comprehensive playbook to maintain critical services when faced with the closure of energy facilities.

The playbook will contain strategies to assist each community in offsetting losses of existing facilities while developing new opportunities for growth and development.

New Opportunities

Many communities in Michigan have suffered due to the impacts of industrial changes through the years. ETIP allows us to take a proactive, partnership approach to help our communities plan for change and thrive through the transition.

As our sources of energy change, we will see new opportunities for skilled workers, and we have many tools available to help Michiganders get the skills and training they need to be successful in new and different jobs.