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David Blaszkiewicz

Nominee of the Speaker of the House

David Blaszkiewicz is president of Invest Detroit and has over 25 years of leadership experience in Detroit's business community. He manages Invest Detroit's development and implementation of collaborative economic growth strategies and leads the organization's efforts to strengthen relationships with the public, private, and philanthropic sectors. He also oversees Invest Detroit's programs that represent over $200 million in funds and tax credit allocations. Recently, he served a dual role as president and CEO of the Downtown Detroit Partnership, expanding their capacity to accelerate economic growth, and developing initiatives to promote safety and security. Mr. Blaszkiewicz was co-creator and president of the Detroit Investment Fund, now a part of Invest Detroit, and director of finance for Detroit Renaissance, now called Business Leaders for Michigan. In 2010, the mayor of Detroit appointed Mr. Blaszkiewicz to the Downtown Development Authority board. He is a board member for M-1 RAIL, New Detroit, Wayne State Research and Technology Park, and the Detroit Community Loan Fund. In 2011, Mr. Blaszkiewicz joined the board of directors of Universal Technical Institute.