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MI Fire Equipment Grant

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MI Fire Equipment Grant

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Program Description

The MI Fire Equipment Grant has been established to provide funding for the purchase of fire equipment for our part time, on call or volunteer firefighters.  Under Fiscal Year 2023-23 Budget, the Michigan Department Treasury was appropriated $12 million to establish and operate a grant program to qualified local units of government.  Grant awards are not to exceed $10,000 for eligible Departments and will be administered in a similar form and manner as previous grant programs with stakeholder engagement.  

Grant Qualifications

Grant funds will be made to eligible fire departments in cities, villages, townships, tribal governments or an authority or commission established by a county, village, city of township by resolution, motion, or charter.

Grant awards will be made to qualified local governments with fire departments that are “predominately on-call, part-time, or volunteer.”  Applications should be for grants for purchasing “fire gear for fire fighters.”  Applicants should include detailed information to show the application is for the equipment described.

Grant Timeline

Treasury will implement the MI Fire Equipment Grant like other special grant programs were previously administered.  Treasury will publish an overview and timeline of a phased approach to implementation, to include all the necessary forms for application once the grant program goes live. 

Date Description
May 25, 2023, at 2:00pm MI Fire Equipment Grant Webinar
May 26, 2023 Website and Grant Program Application Live
May 26, 2023 - July 10, 2023 Submission of Applications
July 10, 2023 Application Submission Deadline
July 10, 2023 - August 10, 2023 Application Review Period
As early as week of August 28, 2023 Grant Notification Period
February 2024 Disburse Funds to Qualified Local Units

Forms and Applications

To file a claim, eligible local governments must submit the Fire Equipment Grant application to Treasury by July 10, 2023.  Applications should be for purchasing “fire gear for fire fighters” including detailed information to show the application is for the equipment described. Qualified local governments will be notified of grant awards as soon as possible.

Payment Distribution Process

Funds shall be disbursed to qualified local units of government by the Department of Treasury following notification of award approval, pending receipt of expenditure documentation (including but not limited to invoices and copies of electronic transfers or canceled checks).

Reporting Requirements

UPDATED: Grant reimbursement processing is currently underway and payments should be processed beginning in February 2024, and continuing for the next several weeks. 

UPDATED: Grant recipient units will need to submit documentation of eligible expenses with a form provided by Treasury.  Due to stakeholder feedback, the deadline for submission of reimbursement for eligible expenses has been extended until December 31st, 2023 for grant program awardees. 

Recipients should file all requests for reimbursement to ensure timely consideration of reimbursement no later than December 31, 2023. 

Contact Information

For more information about this grant program, visit: