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2006-2011 USPAP Renewal Quiz

The State Assessors Board has partnered with the Michigan Assessors Association (MAA) to provide an on-line quiz which can be used to meet the 2006-2011 USPAP renewal requirement. The State Assessors Board is thankful for the cooperation of the MAA in hosting this quiz.

Please note that assessing officers who have attended a classroom-style USPAP renewal session do not need to take the on-line quiz to receive USPAP renewal credit. The on-line quiz option is provided as an alternative to attending a classroom-style USPAP session. The on-line quiz option replaces the mail-in USPAP option that was previously available. To complete the USPAP renewal requirement, simply access the quiz hosted on the MAA Website and successfully complete it. The quiz can be accessed using the following link:

MAA/State Assessors Board Quiz Portal

To take a quiz, assessing officers will need their certification number and the last six digits of their driver's license number. Notification of quiz results will be provided immediately after submitting the quiz. Those who are not initially successful in taking a quiz may take the quiz again. Although State Assessors Board staff will be notified by email of all quiz results, it is suggested for those who successfully complete the quiz that they print and retain the results notification page. Credit for successful quizzes will be posted to the Board's Website within two weeks of the date the quiz was taken. To fulfill the USPAP renewal requirement using the Internet option provided by the State Assessors Board, an assessing officer must achieve a passing quiz grade of 70 percent or higher.

The link provided below can be used to access a hard copy of the USPAP renewal quiz. Some assessing officers may find it easier to complete the quiz using a hard copy and then transfer the answers to the on-line quiz. Below is a link to a hard copy of the USPAP renewal quiz:

USPAP Renewal Quiz

Additionally, this page contains a link to a form which can be used to order a copy of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice book published by the Appraisal Foundation. Most people will find it necessary to have a copy of this book to complete the USPAP quiz successfully.Form 4669, State Assessors Board Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Request can be used to order a copy of the USPAP book.

View additional information regarding the USPAP requirement. Input regarding the Internet USPAP renewal option is welcome. Questions or comments on this subject may be sent to