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Last Call: Michigan and Ohio Battle to Find Forgotten Funds in Football Challenge during November

Michigan residents have less than a week left to participate in the Michigan Unclaimed Property challenge against the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Throughout November, Michigan Unclaimed Property has been challenging the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds to see which state’s residents can find and claim the most forgotten funds. The state with the most searches on from Nov. 1-25 wins the challenge.

To date, Michigan is winning with more than 193,000 searches compared to Ohio’s more than 178,000 searches.

“Michiganders should continue to spread the word about finding missing or unclaimed property to show ‘that state to the south’ who’s No. 1,” said Terry Stanton, manager of Michigan Unclaimed Property. “While time will run out on this competition with a big state of Michigan win on Nov. 25, the properties we’re holding never expire and are forever available to be claimed by the rightful owner.”

Michigan Unclaimed Property has returned more than $550 million to rightful owners or their heirs over the last five years, and a quick online search could reunite you, your friends and your family members with a potential windfall, including long-lost:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit (CD)
  • Over payments
  • Uncashed Checks (payroll, refunds, money orders, cashier checks, insurance benefits, etc.)
  • Dividends Stocks and bonds
  • Contents of a safe deposit box 

As part of the home team, we want to award Michiganders the MVP (Most Valuable Property), but even more – we want our state to win the Find Forgotten Funds-Football Edition challenge.

“Rush to to find your lost or unclaimed property today,” Stanton added. “Let’s beat Ohio ON and OFF the field.”