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    A vast number of visitors are attracted to fairs, festivals, auto shows, and other community events throughout Michigan.  Visitors are there to have fun and spend money!  A Special Bingo License allows an organization to conduct bingo for up to seven days at an event for a mere $25 license fee.

    FAIRGROUNDS BINGOFairs, festivals, and carnivals are great locations for 50/50-style bingo. The organization charges a set amount per bingo game and 50% of each game's sales is paid out in prizes. This type of bingo fundraiser works well with a continually changing crowd and ensures a profit to the organization. Players have the freedom to stop in, play a few bingo games, win some money, and be on their way.

    Designer Bag BingoGrowing in popularity is designer bag bingo (or purse bingo), a successful themed bingo fundraiser. The event is usually advertised through social media. A typical fee of $30 could include 7 to 10 bingo games and a small meal or snacks. The organization can choose any theme and location such as a local bar, restaurant or rental hall.

    One-time bingo fundraisers can award cash or merchandise prizes, such as gift cards, gift baskets, sporting tickets, etc.  If an organization can have the prizes donated from members or local businesses, it helps reduce expenses and increase profits for the event.  

    Charity game tickets may also be sold in conjunction with a Special Bingo License. Charity game tickets offer extra cash prizes to players, are fun and easy, and help increase profit for the event.

  • Special Bingo License Application (for One-Time Events) PDF icon
  • Special Bingo Guide (for One-Time Events) PDF icon

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