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Report Fraud

Fraud perpetrated in the financial and insurance industries affects everyone and costs Americans billions of dollars every year. DIFS is the State of Michigan department responsible for regulating Michigan's financial industries including consumer finance, financial institutions, and insurance. In addition, DIFS has a Fraud Investigation Unit (FIU) that was created to investigate suspected fraud in those industries. Studies show that for every dollar of fraud, financial services companies incur $2.92 in costs. Insurance fraud pushes up the cost of everything you buy and use. How? Consider the following scenario: Every company providing goods or services pays for insurance as a cost of doing business. As a result of insurance fraud, the insurance company must raise rates. To cover the increased cost of its insurance, the company must charge you more for goods and services.

If you suspect fraud by an individual or a business in the financial services or insurance industries you can report it to DIFS safely, easily and anonymously (if you wish) by clicking on the "Consumers and Industry" button below or by calling DIFS at 877-999-6442. Insurance industry members can also report insurance fraud by using the National Insurance Commissioners Association's (NAIC) online fraud reporting system (OFRS) by clicking the "Industry Log In Via NAIC" button below.