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Travel Insurance

No insurance policy can prevent the unexpected from ruining your vacation, but insurance can provide you the option of recovering some of the money you might otherwise lose due to unforeseen problems. However, it is important to read a copy of the policy closely. The insurance policy may exclude cancellations which result from pre-existing medical conditions. By reading the policy, including the small print, you can verify if the policy covers most of your worst-case scenarios. Trip cancellation policies contain a laundry list of "covered reasons" or "named perils." If your "reason" is not on that list, your claim will be denied. Finalize your itinerary before buying the policy, as itinerary changes you make may affect coverage. You may also want to check the coverage of your existing homeowner, auto and medical policies. If your health insurance doesn't cover you overseas, and Medicare generally does not, then you probably need medical travel insurance.

To find out if an insurance company, agency, or agent is licensed, or if you have other insurance questions, please contact DIFS toll-free at 877-999-6442 or visit the website at