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Temporary Licenses

Temporary licenses without examination are allowed under Section 1211b; of the Michigan Insurance Code. In some cases, temporary licenses are utilized to provide the survivor of a deceased or a mentally or physically disabled producer with a license mechanism to allow adequate time for the sale of the insurance business owned by the producer or to provide for the training and licensing of new personnel to operate the producer’s business. It is also issued to the designee of a licensed producer entering active service in the armed forces of the United States of America. These types of licenses are issued for a maximum of 180 days. If a license is needed beyond that time frame, the person will need to obtain a permanent license. (See - What steps are required to become licensed as a first-time resident producer?)

Applicants must file an Electronic Licensing (ERL) application.

If applicant's home state does not require licensure, contact DIFS/Licensing at 877-999-6442 for instructions on how to apply.  

NOTE: All temporary licenses are issued at the discretion of the State of Michigan. The issuance of a temporary license to an applicant in no way obligates our office to subsequently issue any permanent or unrestricted license to the applicant. Nor does the issuance of a temporary license obligate our office to extend that temporary license beyond its expiration date.