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Insurance Bulletins 1981 - 1983

1983 Bulletins

Alternative for the Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Counselor Examination (Superseded by Bulletin 89-04)
No-fault Certification Under Section 3163 of the Michigan Insurance Code (Rescinded 4/1/13)
Forms with Instructions for Submission of Private Passenger Automobile Rate Filings for ISO Members/Subscribers (Superseded by Bulletin 88-05)
Forms and Instructions for Foreign and Alien Insurers Applying for Certificates of Authority (Withdrawn by Order 98-019-M)
Private Passenger Automobile and Home Insurance Underwriting Rules (Withdrawn by Order 98-019-M)
Easy-to-Read Forms for Workers' Compensation Insurance (withdrawn 12/6/12)
Annual Adjustment of the Maximum Work Loss Benefit Payable Under Policies of Personal Protection Insurance (Superseded by Bulletin 89-09)
No-fault Automobile Insurance: Coordination of Benefits with Medicare (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Use of Professional Designations and the Need for Licensure Under the Insurance Code (Superseded by Bulletin 89-04)

Bulletin No 83-02

Legal Expense Insurance -- Annual Statement Reporting Requirements

Annual Adjustment -- Maximum Benefits for Discretionary Group Life Insurance (Rescinded 4/14/17)

1982 Bulletins

Catastrophic Claims Association -- Treatment of Premium and Losses for Annual Statement Purposes (superseded by Bulletin 2007-04-INS)
Changes in the Standard Nonforfeiture and Valuation Laws Effective 7-10-82 (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
P.A. 7 and 8 of 1982; Rate and Rating System Filings for Workers' Compensation Insurance (Superseded by Bulletin 88-05)
P.A. 7 and 8 of 1982; Policy Form Filings for Workers' Compensation Insurance (Expired 3-31-83; Withdrawn by Order 96-009-M)
Authorization for Reimbursement and Remuneration to Financial Institutions (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Medicare Supplement Policies (Superseded by Bulletin 85-05)

Bulletin No. 82-09

Excess Insurance for Self-insured Employers or Groups
Payment of Dividends for Group Credit Life Insurance (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)

Bulletin No. 82-07

Credit Insurance: Use of Compensating Balance and Special Deposit Accounts

Bulletin No. 82-06

Group Credit Life Insurance: Definition of "Mobile Home" in Section 4418
Mandated Substance Abuse Benefits in Disability Insurance Policies (Rescinded 3/8/17)
Claims Made Casualty Insurance Policies (Superseded by Bulletin 84-08)
Sale of Individual Credit Life Insurance Policies through Financial Institutions and Car Dealers (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Administrative Services Provided in Connection with a Noninsured Benefit Plan (Rescinded 02/18/14)

1981 Bulletins

Fees in Excess of $25.00 Charged by Surplus Lines Licensees (Rescinded 4/21/17)
Forms with Instructions for Semiannual Tax Report Filings by Surplus Lines Agents (Rescinded 4/21/17)
Annual Notice of Maximum Allowable Charge for Information Requested Pursuant to Section 2113 of the Insurance Code of 1956, as amended (withdrawn 12/6/12)
Suspension of Filing Requirement for Prior Approval of Rates for Certain Individual Risk Policies. (Withdrawn by Bulletin 88-05)
Road Service Clubs and Motor Clubs (superseded by Bulletin 2016-20-INS)
Commercial No-fault Personal Protection Insurance Deductibles (withdrawn 12/6/12)
Mandated Substance Abuse Benefits in Disability Policies (withdrawn 12/6/12)
Work Loss Benefits (Superseded by Bulletin 82-11)
Semi-Annual Tax Report Filings by Surplus Lines Agents (Superseded by Bulletin 81-23)
No-fault Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Private Passenger Auto Insurance Underwriting Rules (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Surplus Lines Insurance Act (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Collision Coverage (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Coordination of Personal Injury Protection Benefits Under No-fault Policies & Medicare Benefits (Replaced by Bulletin 83-04)
Surplus Lines Licensure Status (Rescinded by Bulletin Dated 11-9-90)
Motorcycle Insurance Filings (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Termination of President Carter's Anti-Inflation Program (Rescinded by Bulletin Dated 11-9-90)
Revised Licensing Fee Schedule and Application & Appointment Forms (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)
Filing Life & Disability Policy Forms and New Exemption Standards (Superseded by Bulletin 97-03)
Disclosure Requirements for Medicare Supplemental Policies (Superseded by Bulletin 85-05)
Automobile Insurance Policies; Certificates of Insurance (withdrawn 12/6/12)

Bulletin No. 81-03

Coordination of Workers' Compensation Benefits and No-fault Auto Insurance Benefits
Annual Tax Report Filings by Surplus Lines Agents (Superseded by Bulletin 81-16)
Essential Insurance "Clean-Up" Bill (Withdrawn by Order 97-009-M)