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Bulletin No. 82-06

Group credit life insurance: definition of "mobile home" in section 4418

Issued and entered May 11, 1982 by Nancy A. Baerwaldt, Commissioner of Insurance

Section 4418 of the Insurance Code of 1956, as amended (Code), MCLA 500.4418; MSA 24.14418, deals with group life insurance issued in connection with loans on dwellings or mobile homes. Questions have arisen as to whether certain vehicles such as campers, motor homes, or pick-up trucks equipped for camping, are mobile homes.

The Bureau staff shall utilize the following definition with regard to policies issued pursuant to section 4418 of the Code:

"Mobile home" means a structure, transportable in 1 or more sections, which is built on a chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without permanent foundation, when connected to the required utilities, and includes the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems contained in the structure. Mobile home does not include a recreational vehicle.

This definition is appropriate in that it is the one incorporated in the Mobile Home Commission Act, thus promoting a consistent interpretation of the term "mobile home" by separate agencies within state government.


The guideline in this bulletin shall become effective June 15, 1982. In conformity with Section 3(6) of the Administrative Procedures Act of 1969, MCLA 24.203(6); MSA 3.560(103)(6), this guideline is a statement of policy which the agency intends to follow, which does not have the force or effect of law, and which binds the agency but does not bind any other person. The operation of this bulletin does not suspend operation of any guidelines currently in effect.