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Employment Relations Board - Appeals

About the Employment Relations Board (ERB)

The Employment Relations Board (ERB) considers appeals from adjudicating officer decisions and makes recommendations to the Civil Service Commission (CSC). If you want to appeal a decision, please review Regulation 8.05, ERB Appeal Procedures which explains how to properly file an appeal.

 Forms for Appealing

  • CS-1743 Application for Leave to Appeal to the ERB  
  • CS-1756 Claim of Appeal as of Right to the ERB 
  • CS-1740 ERB Proof of Service  
  • CS-1754 Brief in Response to Application for Leave to Appeal to the ERB 
  • CS-1793 Group Appeal Contact Information

Research Prior Decisions
To research prior CSC, ERB, or other related decisions, parties may search the Decision Status and Research System (DSTARS) database.

Rules and Regulations 
Regulation 8.05, ERB Appeal Procedures, explains the requirements for filing an appeal of an adjudicating officer decision. 

Regulation 8.06, Computing Time and Filing Documents, provides standards for timely filing documents in Civil Service proceedings.

Board Office Location 
Capitol Commons Center
400 S. Pine Street, Suite 102
Lansing, MI 48933

Contact Information for the ERB
Employment Relations Board
Civil Service Commission
P.O. Box 30002
Lansing, MI 48909

Nicholas Kechkaylo
Board Appeals Officer

Mary Gobbo
Board Executive Secretary

Note:  Effective April 26, 2015, filings with the ERB must be submitted by email.

Phone: 517-335-5588