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TAMC Meeting Minutes February 1, 2023


February 1, 2023, at 1:00 p.m.




Members Present

  • Ryan Buck, MTPA, Lansing, MI
  • Art Green, MDOT, Lansing, MI
  • Rob Green, MDOT, Lansing, MI
  • James Hurt, MML, Lansing
  • Joanna Johnson, CRA, Lansing, MI – Chair
  • Kelly Jones, MAC, Lansing, MI
  • Bill McEntee, CRA, Lansing, MI – Vice-Chair
  • Robert Slattery, MML, Lansing, MI
  • Rob Surber, DTMB/CSS, Microsoft Teams, Lansing, MI
  • Jennifer Tubbs, MTA, Lansing, MI

Support Staff Present

  • Tim Colling, MTU/LTAP
  • Eric Costa, MDOT
  • Chris Gilbertson, MTU/LTAP
  • Cheryl Granger, DTMB/CSS
  • Eric Mullen, MDOT
  • Gloria Strong, MDOT
  • Pete Torola, MTU/LTAP
  • Mike Toth, MDOT

Public Present

  • Nathan Hamilton, MIC/Treasury
  • Laura Tschirhart
  • Marcus Whiters, Transportation Performance Measures Coordinator

Members Absent

  • Jacob Hurt, MAR
    1. Welcome – Call-To-Order
      1. The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. Everyone was welcomed to the meeting.
    2. Changes or Additions to the Agenda  
      1. Any items under the Consent Agenda may be moved to the regular agenda upon request of any Council member, member of the public, or staff member.
      2. J. Johnson moved the TAMC Coordinator Update (agenda #7, item 3) up to agenda item #4.
    3. Public Comments on Non-Agenda Item
      1. None
    4. TAMC Coordinator Update
      1. Two meetings were held to make the selection for the TAMC coordinator position.   The selection team met on January 11 and January 25, 2023.  Those included on the selection team were Rob Green, Gloria Strong, Dave Jennett, Rob Surber, Robert Slattery, and Kelly Jones. Brad Wagner from MDOT was present at the meetings to assure that the integrity of the MDOT contracting process was kept.  During the first Request for Proposal (RFP), no bids were received.  The second RFP was revised, posted and three agencies submitted in proposals for consideration.  An in-depth discussion was held regarding the selection process.
      2. Motion:  J. Tubbs made a motion for MDOT to readvertise the TAMC Coordinator Request for Services and the Council be included with at least 51 percent majority of the decision makers on the selection committee; K. Jones seconded the motion.  J. Tubbs revised the motion to include that the TAMC chair and ACE Committee chair revise the Scope of Services prior to the advertisement; K. Jones supported the motion revision.  A roll call vote was conducted: Robert Slattery, yes; Bill McEntee, yes; Jennifer Tubbs, yes; Ryan Buck, yes; Rob Green, no; Kelly Jones, yes; Art Green, yes, Joanna Johnson, yes.  The motion carries.
    5. Presentation – Local Road Asset Management State of Practice Report - P. Torola  
      1. Due to the lack of time, P. Torola will provide this presentation at the next TAMC meeting in March.
    6. Correspondence – J. Johnson         
      1. J. Johnson received an email on 01/03/2023 from Mr. Douglas Radcliffe North. The email was acknowledged and shared with the Council.  No action is needed. 
    7. Michigan Infrastructure Council (MIC) Update – N. Hamilton, MIC Planning and Outreach Manager
      1. MIC Strategy – Regional Meetings, Staffing, Councils Leadership Meetings
        1. In late December 2022, a virtual stakeholder’s session was held. The next steps will be workshops in the spring which will address existing challenges and work with the Michigan Association of Regions. They will also be working with the cities of Gaylord, Grand Rapids, Escanaba, Flint, Lansing, and Kalamazoo. The MIC is currently planning regional workshops to discuss cross-asset integrated strategies with multiple asset classes. They plan to do outreach meetings with the regions and the first meeting will be with Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) in Detroit in April 2023.  SEMCOG has received a Coordination Grant. They will also be discussing some coordination efforts between the MIC and SEMCOG.     
      2. Asset Management Champions – The current Champions program began in early January and will end in Mid-April. Through the Champions Program, the MIC has trained 300 individuals. 
      3. Project Portal – The MIC is working with DTMB and discussing the next release of the portal. They have been adjusting as needed such as, a more user-friendly landing page and enhancing notifications.  The MIC voted to explore alternatives to the existing MIC project portal at the December annual meeting. The MIC is currently exploring alternatives to the in-house developed MIC Dig Once Project Portal including off-the-shelf solutions. They need a dedicated team of developers, constant support, and training which is currently lacking. The current portal is way behind the curve compared to commercially available products. The development costs (in-house) are anticipated to exceed external software costs. They would like to take some of the projects that will be funded with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) funds and promote them on a GIS basis, and they are looking for a spot to house that information. The MIC will be working with MDOT, EGLE and the regions to make sure the needs of everyone are met.
      4. 30-Year Strategy - They are hoping to have a clear implementation plan and dates for stakeholders to participate in forming the strategy for the MIC to review at the meeting in March.  J. Johnson requested the date of the meetings and will share this information with TAMC and potential participants throughout the state.
    8. Consent Agenda (Action Items) – J. Johnson
      1. Approval of the January 4, 2023, Meeting Minutes
      2. Transportation Asset Management Plans (TAMP) Requests for Approval
      3. Motion:  R. Slattery made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda, including the addition of the Gladwin County Road Commission TAMP; B. McEntee seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by all members present.
    9. Old Business -J. Johnson/R. Green
      1. Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) TAMC Terms Status
        1. An updated TAMC Member Terms Status report was provided to the Council.  G. Strong will add J. Tubbs as the Vice-Chair of the Data Committee to the report. The MDOT terms require additional research.
        2. Action Item: R. Green will research past MDOT TAMC memberships and present to the Council his suggested term dates for MDOT TAMC members at the next meeting.
      2. TAMC Financial/Budget Update Report – R. Green
        1. R. Green will provide an update at the March TAMC meeting.
    10. New Business
      1. 2023 Strategic Work Program/Budget Session – J. Johnson
        1. Held on May 3, 2023; 10:00am-3:00pm; at Horatio Earle Learning Center, Lake Michigan Conference Room.
        2. Lunch will be served.
        3. The budget will be a large piece of discussion.
      2. 2023 TAMC Asset Management Conference – J. Johnson/G. Strong
        1. J. Johnson and B. McEntee will discuss with the MIC and WAMC about holding a conference together. 
      3. 2022 Annual Report Timeline and Update – J. Johnson/D. Jennett (Attachment 6)
        1. D. Jennett created a timeline for the annual report which was included in the agenda packet. The annual report is due to the State Transportation Commission by May 2, 2023. A draft report will need to be provided to the Council prior to this date for the Council to review and amend if necessary. An annual report workgroup has been pulled together that includes D. Jennett, R. Slattery, J. Johnson, J. Tubbs, and B. McEntee. This workgroup will meet on February 10, 2023. It is expected that TAMC support staff will meet the annual report deadline.  E. Costa is doing very well on the data analysis for the report.
        2. Action Item:  J. Johnson would like D. Jennett to get the annual report workgroup meeting dates on everyone’s calendars right away. 
      4. 2023 Michigan Technological University (MTU) Trainings and Planning for TAMC Update – T. Colling (Attachment 7)
        1. MTU provided the December 2022 Training and Activities Reports for Council review.  PASER and IBR trainings are down a little from last year but attendance from public officials is up.  It was indicated that there was a concern about the lack of regional calls and EGov Deliveries being sent out.
    11. Committee Updates
      1. Bridge Committee Update – K. Jones
        1. The Bridge Committee selected Mike Halloran as the new Chair and Keith Cooper will remain the Vice-Chair of the Bridge Committee. Wayne Harrall will provide a TAMC presentation at the Bridge Conference in March. 
        2. Action Item:  J. Johnson will reach out to Mike Halloran as a new member. 
      2. ACE Committee Update – R. Buck
        1. Currently, the TAMC ACE Committee is discussing the MPO/RPA allocations in the TAMC budget. The ACE Committee also reviewed the Little 185 from B. McEntee and supported this effort but was uncomfortable with requesting additional funds especially since funds are currently being left on the table at the end of the year.  The ACE Committee would like to discuss redistributing the existing asset management work task language that’s utilized by the regions and MPO’s.  The ACE Committee would like to review and possibly re-allocate funds to the MPO/RPA’s so that funds are not left on the table at the end of the fiscal year.  The ACE Committee would like to add this discussion to the May 3, 2023 Strategic Planning Session agenda.  The ACE Committee is currently reviewing the TAMP Policy and Q/A document for any necessary updates that may be needed.  There are discussions on CSS using the allocated Spring Conference funds that are not being used towards accelerating work for TAMC applications. 
      3. Data Committee Update – B. McEntee
        1. The Data Committee discussed the annual report schedule. The 2022 Data has been provided to E. Costa to perform his data analysis for the annual report.  A couple errors were found and corrected.  Approximately 86,000 lane miles were collected. Twenty-seven (27) agencies have submitted over 90 percent their entire road system. This information will be included in the annual report as this is a high level of effort made by the agencies.  There is an investment strategy meeting being held next week with D. Jennett, B. McEntee and R. Buck.   
    12. Public Comments
      1. None
    13. Member Comments
      1. J. Johnson asked G. Strong to send her the motion made during the TAMC Coordinator Update for her to follow up on with R. Green, E. Mullen, T. White, and MDOT Director, B. Wieferich for their consideration. J. Johnson expressed how important it is for Council members to sign up and volunteer to do the presentations at the IRT and PASER trainings. We are still waiting on volunteers for many training dates. J. Johnson has shared the shortened IRT presentation with the Council.  She also expressed the importance of Council members attending the Council and TAMC Committee meetings. There are plans to do a recording of J. Johnson for the PASER trainings. The Council must begin planning for their May Strategic Planning Session. J. Johnson would like a financial update prior to the session. She reminded everyone that the TAMP policy is being updated and work is being done on the TAMC website.  J. Johnson would like the notices for culverts and culvert data collection, which includes the letter and culvert policy, to be distributed to the agencies. R. Green shared that recently some agencies have charged against the culvert contract. There are still three or four agencies that he has not heard from, and he will contact them and find out what their intentions are and remind the agencies of the culvert funds. They do not want this to become an issue if those funds are left on the table.    
      2. Action Items: G. Strong to provide a copy of the motion regarding the TAMC coordinator to J. Johnson. R. Green to provide a financial update to the Council prior to the Strategic Planning Session. TAMC support staff to send out notices of the revised culvert data collection policy and contact the remaining agencies to find out their intentions for the remaining culvert funds. 
    14. Adjournment
      1. The meeting was adjourned at 2:47 p.m.  The next TAMC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1, 2023, 1:00 p.m., at the MDOT Aeronautics Building, 2nd Floor Commission Conference Room, 2700 Port Lansing Road, Lansing, Michigan.