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Why MSP - Our Mission & Culture

Our Mission

Provide the highest quality law enforcement and public safety services throughout Michigan.

Our Vision

Be a leader and partner in law enforcement and public safety, with a highly trained, full-service state police force that is mobile, flexible, and responsive to emerging public safety needs across Michigan.

Our Culture

ONE: Disparate parts joining together under a singular mission to achieve success; uniquely different but working together to appear as one. A state of connectiveness and community where together is always better.

Our Value Statement


Our Philosophy of Leadership

The department achieves its mission through employees who distinguish themselves as leaders by their ability to earn respect, instill confidence, and strengthen morale by providing vision, accountability, and recognizing individual contributions and achievements.

Highlighting Diversity

A Candid Conversation with MSP Recruiters

Why Michigan State Police

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs serve as communities within MSP where department members with common interests or backgrounds bring their collective voices together to drive change, create new opportunities and help inspire each other.

Continuing Education

MSP is committed to supporting the career goals and development of our department members, offering several continuing education opportunities to MSP members and their families. 

Our Stories

These are our stories, from inside the department to the streets of the communities we serve and call home.

Applicant Preparation Sessions

MSP hosts applicant preparation sessions to provide regular water safety, physical training, and legal instruction at no cost to applicants.

Employee benefits include:

  • Defined benefit/defined contribution and health savings plans.
  • Paid holiday, vacation and sick leave.
  • 12 weeks of paid parental leave.
  • Health, dental, vision, and life insurances.
  • Uniforms and equipment are provided for enforcement members.
  • Tuition reimbursement, career guidance, specialized training, and access to wellness and resiliency resources.

A Trooper's Pledge

I am a Michigan State Trooper, entrusted to keep sacred the traditions of my department. I will always serve honestly and faithfully, surrendering my life for others if necessary. When I am called upon to act, I will not shy from conflict or deviate from my call to duty, serving anyone who may be in peril or distress. I will obey the laws of Michigan, the United States of America and the directives of my department. I will not consider race, color, or creed when enforcing the law. I will perform my duties with excellence, integrity and courtesy, and conduct myself in a manner that honors those who served before me. I am a Michigan State Trooper.