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Michigan Veteran Homes

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Michigan Veterans Homes

Michigan Veteran Homes

Homes for the Free and the Brave

At Michigan Veteran Homes, we understand veterans and have cared for them for the past 135 years. Within three home-like settings across Michigan, we offer skilled nursing care along with the opportunity to live as independently as possible.

In our homes, members can keep the freedom they know and love. More importantly though, they receive the compassionate care they've earned. With a special focus on long-term care, dementia and memory care and palliative care, we're committed to our communities...because our veterans deserve it.

What's New at MVH?

No Member Dies Alone

Michigan Veteran Homes is looking for volunteers to join the No Member Dies Alone (NMDA) program at each Home highlighting the need to offer companionship and assistance to veteran members who are entering the final stages of life.

NMDA is a one-of-a-kind program in which volunteers provide comfort at the bedside when family and friends can’t be present. These acts of kindness such as holding a member’s hand, talking or listening, reading or playing music, helps each member feel more comfortable and ensures that no one should have to face the challenge of death alone.

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