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Gov. Whitmer Announces First in Series of Payments Released, Lowering Costs for More Than 600 of Michigan’s Next Generation of Teachers

Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently announced that the MI Future Educator Fellowship and Stipend programs’ first payments are being awarded to provide financial assistance to college students aspiring to become teachers.

“The MI Future Educator Fellowship and Stipends will strengthen our teacher pipeline and help ensure every classroom has a caring, qualified educator,” said Governor Whitmer. “Together, we can lower the cost of higher education for future educators and pay our hardworking student teachers, so they are encouraged to stay on the path to the classroom. These programs are still open, and I encourage eligible Michiganders to apply. Let’s work together to grow the education profession by lowering costs and paying our aspiring teachers.”

The MI Future Educator Fellowship offers aspiring teachers a scholarship to eliminate or lower the cost of tuition while they train to become educators. The MI Future Educator Stipend provides compensation for full-time student teachers while they complete the final stages of their teacher preparation program.

“Lowering the financial hurdles to help address Michigan’s teacher shortage just makes sense for Michigan’s future,” said State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks. “Providing scholarships and stipends to those aspiring to teach can help ease the financial burden when getting a degree. My team is ready to help those who wish to follow their dreams of becoming a teacher.”

“Michigan teachers help children open doors to learning and future success,” said State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice. “Helping young people interested in teaching careers make their career dreams a reality by providing MI Future Educator Fellowships and Stipends and will help ensure that all classrooms are staffed with trained, certificated teachers to educate and inspire our children for years to come.”  

MI Future Educator Fellowship

Under the MI Future Educator Fellowship program, scholarship awards are given to students through colleges and universities to cover the cost of tuition and fees up to $10,000 for up to three years. Students who receive the award must commit to teaching in a Michigan classroom for at least three years after graduation.

To date, nearly $2 million in Fellowship scholarships have been awarded to 231 students. Awards are calculated as a part of a student’s overall financial aid package and vary. Over 2,000 students have applied and awards will be made on a rolling basis. 

To be eligible, future educators must apply through the MiSSG Portal, submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and: 

  • Be working toward their first teacher certification
  • Must have earned at least 56 semester credits or 84 term credits with a cumulative 3.0 GPA.
  • Begin the Education Preparation Program full time in fall 2022 or later
  • Be a Michigan resident

The MI Future Educator Fellowship program has $25 million available for those who aspire to become teachers. To learn more about the MI Future Educator Fellowship program, go to

MI Future Educator Stipend

Under the MI Future Educator Stipend program, student teachers who began their programs in fall 2022 and afterward can earn $9,600 per semester. The dollars provided by the stipend can be paid toward tuition, living expenses, childcare, among other things.

To date, more than $3.9 million in Stipend payments has been distributed to 381 student teachers. Nearly 1,800 student teachers have applied and are completing the next steps to have their stipends processed.

Applications are still being accepted for the MI Future Educator Stipend. To be eligible, student teachers must apply through the MiSSG Portal and:  

  • Be participating-full time in required student teaching coursework in Michigan
  • Be unpaid by their local district

The MI Future Educator Stipend program has $50 million available for active student teachers. 

For full eligibility requirements and to apply, visit

For more information or help applying for the Fellowship, visit or contact MI Student Aid at, 1-888-447-2687 or @mistudentaid on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Governor Whitmer’s Fiscal Year 2024 Executive Budget Recommendations

Governor Whitmer is proposing $195 million in recognition of the crucial role high-quality teachers play in the success of their students. 

This includes continuation of the MI Future Educator program, which provides a tuition-free avenue for college students to become certified teachers. The Governor’s budget continues to provide $25 million for the MI Future Educator Fellowship and $50 million for Student Teacher Stipends. 

The budget also includes additional dollars to retain and develop existing teachers through mentorship programs and to provide support through a new educator workforce consortium (Fiscal Year 2023 supplemental). It also recognizes the difficulty in attracting teachers in rural areas by establishing rural educator hubs to support teacher recruitment and retention in those areas.