Western Wayne Correctional Facility closes its doors

The Western Wayne Correctional Facility, formerly known as the Detroit House of Correction (DeHoCo), was established in Plymouth, Michigan in 1927. During the mid-1980s the State of Michigan assumed control of the facility and DeHoCo was converted to a state correctional facility housing felons. After 77 years as a correctional insitution, the facility has closed its doors.

The Western Wayne Correctional Facility completed the transfer of its population and many WCF staff to the Huron Valley Complex in Ypsilanti in December.

On November 5 staff celebrated the history of WCF as well as a new beginning at the Huron Valley Complex in Ypsilanti during the WCF closing celebration at the Fox Hills Country Club.

More than 400 guests, including current and former employees of WCF, attended the dinner which was followed by a brief employee recognition ceremony.

Former WCF Wardens Emmett Baylor Jr., Kenny Robinson and Clarice Stovall as well as RPA Barbara Bock attended the event.

Warden Susan S. Davis received written acknowledgements on behalf of WCF from Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Congressman John Conyers and Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano.

"The night was an elegant event to remember and a fitting end to many years of state service of the Western Wayne Correctional Facility," said Warden Davis. "Special thanks to the WCF employees who served on the Closing Celebration Committee and made the event truly spectacular."

Michigan Department of Corrections FYI 01-06-05