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Public School Reporting Units


The Employer Information website provides resources and information for Michigan public schools, community colleges, and some public school academies, charter schools, libraries and universities in the Michigan Public Schools Employee Retirement System. Here you will find links to websites used to report to the Office of Retirement Services, as well as communications and resources developed to assist you in reporting.

What's New

Last 18 Months

See Employer Communications for a complete list of messages from the last 18 months

07/26/2022: Changes to working after retirement rules for MPSERS

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07/21/2022: MPSERS Employer News - July 2022

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07/20/2022: Working after retirement legislation

PA 184 of 2022 FAQs

07-19-2022 GASB 68 and 75 data and information now available

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07/14/22: Recent emails from ORS regarding ACH bank information are legitimate

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07/01/2022: Pending changes to working after retirement rules for MPSERS

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07/01/22 Action required: resubmit bank information immediately

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06/23/22 Action required: 2020-21 Independent Contractor/Third-Party Employee Audit

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06/15/2022: MPSERS Employer News - June 2022

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05/18/2022: MPSERS Employer News - May 2022

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04/20/022: MPSERS Employer News - April 2022

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04/05/2022: Employer survey for payroll staff

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04/05/2022: Employer survey for administrative staff

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03/16/2022: MPSERS Employer News - March 2022

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2/16/2022: MPSERS Employer News - February 2022

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01/19/2022 MPSERS Employer News - January 2022

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01/18/2022: 2022 Small Steps preparation file now available

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01/11/2022: Employer survey for Administrative staff

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New Hire Pick Mi Plan

New Hire Retirement Plan Resources

New hires who are not already members of the Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement System have a decision to make for their future retirement plan. They have 75 calendar days from the first payroll end date to decide which retirement plan best meets their needs:

  • The Pension Plus 2 retirement plan, or
  • The Defined Contribution (DC) retirement plan.

New hires can get full details and guidance for their plan options at PickMiPlan, including the Retirement Plan Election Guide and the Retirement Plan Decision Guide.


Here is a sample message you can send to your new hires that will point them to all the resources they will need to make an informed decision:


As a new employee at [school or organization name], you have a decision to make about your future! Please review the information available at to understand your options and consider what fits you best.

About three to five weeks after the first day you work, you'll receive a letter from the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) with information, including an account numbers, you'll need to make your election on miAccount. In the meantime, we hope you'll review the information and consider your future.

TDP Calculator

Send your non-Pension Plus employees to our TDP calculator where they can weigh the cost of purchasing service credit.

457 Plan for DB Members

Learn more about offering the Deferred Compensation Option to your employees.

Introduction to Reporting

Read or review this guide for an overview of benefit plans and the who, what, when and how of ORS reporting.

ORS non-business days

View ORS non-business days to make sure your reports are never late.

Pay Cycle Calendar

Use our handy Pay Cycle Calendar for important reminders and deadlines. 

Pension Plus website

Member information for your employees who have Pension Plus is available at

MPSERS Employer Toolkit

The MPSERS Employer Toolkit is your one-stop shop for the most-used materials and resources for public school professionals managing contributions to the State of Michigan 401(k) and 457 Plans (the Plans).

Scheduled System Maintenance

View dates and times for scheduled maintenance.