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General Inventory Transfers

Product transfers must be in compliance with the administrative rules. A chart has been created to aid licensees in identifying eligible inventory. Questions about inventory transfers can be sent to

By administrative rule, the CRA may authorize licensees who hold equivalent licenses to transfer marijuana product between the inventory of their marijuana facility and the inventory of their marijuana establishment. This CRA process allows marijuana product to move from the adult-use market to the medical market, in certain circumstances. For more information on transfer requirements between equivalent license types, please review the Transfer of Marijuana Product Between Equivalent Licenses bulletin. For more information on equivalent licenses in the administrative rule set, please review Rule 1 in the Definitions Rule set – R 420.1 (l).

For more information on package transfer requirements from a Provisioning Center (medical) to a Retailer (adult-use), please review the Package Creation Metrc bulletin. All transferred marijuana products must be labeled in accordance with Rule 4 in the Marihuana Sale or Transfer Rule set - R 420.504 (1). 

For marijuana product that is on administrative hold in Metrc, please email the Operations Support Section at for assistance.