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Annual Financial Statements

Medical marijuana and adult-use licensees must file a financial statement every three years, or a shorter time-period as determined by the CRA.  See Rule 20 of the Marijuana Licenses rule set – R 420.20 and/or Section 701 of the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act.

The financial statement is referred to as the Annual Financial Statement (AFS), the requirements of which are released every fiscal year (FY).

The chart below depicts the due date, reporting period, and fiscal report 3-year cycle to which licensees will be assigned, unless otherwise required by the CRA:



A licensee may verify its next AFS due date by utilizing the instructions in this resource.

A licensee assigned to file a FY23 AFS must submit a completed FY23 AFS report, the FY23 AFS Contact Authorization Form, and the FY23 CPA Attestation of Practice Authority Form to CRA online through the Accela Citizens Access Portal (ACA).  Filing instructions have been provided in this resource.


Prior FY AFS Reports, Information & Forms

Additional Resources

CRA has released additional resources that may be of assistance to licensees regarding their annual financial statements.

November 17, 2021 CRA Financial Compliance Education Session with Grapp Lerash CPA  & (Downloadable PDF)

Accounting and Recordkeeping Best Practices Bulletin

Identifying Contacts in ACA

Frequently Asked Questions