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Disciplinary Actions

Michigan's Marijuana Industry Exclusion List

A list of persons excluded from participating in the licensed marijuana industry in Michigan is available. If you wish to view the exclusion documents, please click the link below.
Click to view Michigan's Exclusion List and Documents

Individual Disciplinary Documents

Individual documents are available now on the ACA website, if you wish to view the individual documents please click the link below and follow the instructions.

Click and follow instructions to view individual disciplinary documents

Disciplinary Action Report

Formal administrative complaints and disciplinary actions taken against adult-use and medical licensees are now available for review in the CRA’s new monthly Disciplinary Action Report (DAR). The CRA is committed to making publicly available information accessible and will continue to implement new processes with that commitment to transparency in mind. 

The DAR contains the following information:

  • Entity Name – name of the licensee that the action was taken against
  • License Number – the record number of the Licensee that the action was taken against
  • Date Issued – date the disciplinary action was issued
  • Disciplinary Action Imposed – the penalty imposed for noncompliance
  • Basis for Action - the nature/type/category of administrative rule violation

The Disciplinary Action Reports may be viewed below.  

To assist in interpreting the DAR report, a general description of the Basis for Action is available here