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License Change

The licensee should consult with the Operations Support Section (OSS) at prior to applying for a different license type to ensure that inventory is eligible for transfer to the new license type. 

After a licensee is approved for the new license, the old license must be closed.  The new license will need to gain access to Metrc and order tags for the business by following the instructions found in the Metrc beginning inventory documents associated with the market the license is under.  

Once the new license is active, please email OSS at, and include “Attention license closure analyst” in the subject to let us know you are ready to move eligible inventory from the old license to the new license. Please include the associated license numbers in the email. The CRA will provide permission to Metrc support to assist with the re-licensure, which moves all the remaining inventory from the old license to the new license.

After consulting with OSS, Metrc will verify that all necessary procedures for closing a license have been fulfilled before notifying OSS that they may close the old license.