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Purchase Agreement With or Without Assets

Prior to a purchase agreement being executed, the selling license holder must review the Amendment Application Instructions and then submit an Amendment Application to the Accela Citizen Access Portal and receive approval from License Maintenance Section. For more information, please review the Amendments page under Complex Amendments.

When the amendment is approved by License Maintenance Section. both licenses, the old one (seller) and the new one (purchaser), cannot be active simultaneously. Upon signing the purchase agreement, the old license becomes void, retaining activity solely within Metrc to facilitate inventory transfer. In cases of large purchase agreements involving multiple licenses, all necessary tasks for each license must be finalized before the new license may commence operations.

It is recommended that the selling license perform an inventory audit of the physical inventory prior to transferring inventory to the purchasing license. Any non-compliance with required Metrc inventory tracking will become the responsibility of the purchasing license. 

For a purchase agreement that does not include assets, the steps on the How to Close a License webpage need to be completed once the agreement is approved by the License Maintenance Section.

For a purchase agreement which does include assets, the following items need to be completed once the new license is issued by the Application Section:

  1. The new license will need to gain access to Metrc and order tags for the business by following the instructions found in the beginning inventory documents here.  
  2. Once the new license is active, please email the Operations Support Section at, and include “Attention license closure analyst” in the subject to let us know you are ready to move the inventory from the selling license to the purchasing license. Please include the associated license numbers in the email. 

The CRA will provide permission to Metrc support to assist with the re-licensure which moves all the remaining inventory from the selling license to the new license when all tasks have been completed.