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Is co-location of facilities allowed?

Operation at the same location (commonly referred to as co-location) is allowed for a licensee that has any combination of marihuana licenses.  To operate at the same location means separate marihuana licenses that are issued to multiple marihuana businesses that are authorized to operate at a single property but with separate business suites, partitions, or addresses.

  • The CRA has authorized the proposed operation at the same location
  • The operation at the same location is not in violation of any municipal ordinances or zoning regulations.
  • The operation at the same location does not circumvent a municipal ordinance or zoning regulation that limits the type or number of marijuana facilities under section 205 of the act or prohibits the operation at the same location.
  • Each license has distinct and identifiable areas with designated structures that are contiguous and specific to the state operating license.
  • Have separate entrances and exits, inventory, record keeping, and point of sale operations, if applicable.
  • Operation of a state operating license at the same location that includes a licensed provisioning center shall have the entrance and exit to the licensed provisioning center and entire inventory physically separated from any of the other licensed marijuana facility or facilities so that persons can clearly identify the retail entrance and exit.