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What are the most common types of capitalization used in a CPA Attestation?

The most common types of capitalization are bank/financial accounts, properties, and other business interests.

  • For Bank/Financial Accounts submit the following:
    • Provide the most recent statement for the account being used (i.e., retirement account, checking account, savings account, money market account, etc.)
  • For Properties submit the following:
    • The most recent mortgage statement (if applicable)
    • The most recent lien statement (if applicable)
    • The most recent HELOC statement (if applicable)
    • One of the following for each property being used towards capitalization:
      • Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
      • State Equalized Value (SEV)
      • Appraisal
  • For Other Business Interests submit the following:
    • A business valuation
    • A business appraisal (if applicable)

Please note, the Agency will only be able to use the capitalization available based on the percentage of ownership of the business interest. For example, if the business is valued at $100,000 but the member is only a 50% owner, only $50,000 can be used.