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When is an Amendment required?

An Amendment is required in the following scenarios:

  • The ownership structure of the business changes in any way.
    • A member is removed
    • A member is added
    • A member gets married
    • A member changes percentage of interest
    • A business adds a managerial employee
    • A business removes a managerial employee
  • The business is purchased. This includes the sale of tangible and intangible assets.
  • The business merges with another business.
  • The business changes locations after licensure.
  • The business changes its name.
  • The business is evicted from their licensed location.
  • The business wants to expand their location.
  • The business received a municipality denial.

    You can find more information about amendments by clicking here

  • If you have additional changes and are not sure if an amendment is required, please contact the Agency at 517-284-8599 or