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Can a bar or restaurant be licensed to allow adults to use marijuana on the premises?

Pursuant to Rule 3(2) in the Marihuana Operations Rule Set (420.203)(2):

(2) A licensee shall comply with all of the following:

(a) Except as provided in R 420.204 and R 420.205, a marihuana business shall be partitioned from any other marihuana business or activity, any other business, or any dwelling.

(b) A marihuana business shall not allow onsite or as part of the marihuana business any of the following:

(i) Sale, consumption, or serving of food except as provided in these rules unless the business is a designated consumption establishment or a temporary marihuana event that has obtained the appropriate authorizations from other federal, state, or local agencies as applicable.

(ii) Consumption, use, or inhalation of a marihuana product unless the licensee has been granted a designated consumption establishment or temporary marihuana event license under the Michigan regulation and taxation of marihuana act, and these rules.