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Marijuana Educational Videos/Materials


  • Education: This video provides a general overview of the cannabis sativa plant (marijuana), the many strain variations, different forms of consumption, and the psychological and non-psychological responses of marijuana use. Learn about the differences between THC and CBD and how marijuana products are extracted and consumed.

  • Medical: Marijuana has been used for its medicinal properties throughout history and scientific evidence supports its use for pain management and other diagnoses. Unlike adult-use marijuana laws, a Michigan resident can apply for a medical marijuana card at age 18 (or younger with their parents registered as medical caregivers). Watch this short video for a list of qualifying conditions and instructions for the application process.

  • Info for Parents: As this video points out, legalization has brought marijuana out from the shadows and into storefronts on main street. This can sometimes lead to uncomfortable conversations between guardians and kids. Whether it's regarding the pressure kids face or a guardian's choice to use marijuana, it can be difficult to know where to start. By using the tips provided, effective communication can be implemented to properly discuss the topic and set expectations.

  • Info for Teens: Did you know that brain development continues well into your twenties? In addition to legal repercussions, it is important for teens to consider the short-term and long-term effects of marijuana use on both their physiological health as well as their future goals.

  • Expectant Mothers: Policies are in place to warn expectant parents of prenatal exposure to marijuana and its impact. Although every situation is unique, find out more about the data gathered from research on this topic.

  • Law: Michigan was the first Midwest state to legalize both medical and adult-use marijuana. With the passage of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act in 2018, the way marijuana is viewed in Michigan has changed dramatically. This video helps break down the dos and don'ts of possession and consumption under Michigan marijuana law.

Additional Materials

  • Marijuana in Michigan: What You Need to Know:  This 12-page document includes the information contained in each of the six videos above, answering questions about adult-use and medical marijuana as well as providing information on how marijuana might affect teens, expectant mothers, and more. Click here for a comprehensive break down of information about marijuana in Michigan. This shareable document will help readers understand more about the marijuana industry so that they can make informed decisions and guide thoughtful conversation.