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Renew a Medical License

A medical state operating license is issued for a one-year period from the date of a licensee’s original licensure approval. To continue operating after that one year period, the licensee must apply to renew the state operating license.

Licensees will be sent reminders to renew beginning 120 days before the license is due to expire and will be able to start the renewal process 90 days before license expiration. It is recommended to start the renewal process as soon as possible and allow for a minimum of 30 days processing time to avoid the expiration of the license. Please note medical state operating licensees have a 60-day late renewal period in which they may complete their renewal after license expiration.

The licensee shall pay the renewal fee upon submission of the application for renewal. The licensee will be notified of the renewal fee 90 days before license expiration. The renewal fee varies by license type. For a full list of renewal fees, please refer to the Regulatory Assessment Fees link below.

Renewal Fees
Renewal Instructions
Renewal Application Online Portal
Renewal Online
Non-Renewal of a Medical License

If the medical state operating license will not be renewed, please review the Closing A Licensed Marihuana Business Webpage

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